2022 Ultimate Guide: Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for Leads

In LinkedIn automation, you basically use tools to perform the tasks that you would have done manually otherwise. Manually visiting profiles, sending messages, connection requests, and following up can be very hectic. It's not 2–to 3 leads that you’re working on, when the leads get larger in number it can be very difficult to keep track of everything.

Linkedin automation tools help you focus on building your business relationships, save you a lot of time, and organize your workspace. Now whether you are a starter or a professional, using the right LinkedIn automation tool is important to grow.

Linkedin automation tools actually mimic human behavior in the best way possible. Managing a huge pool of leads can be overwhelming and Linkedin automation basically helps streamline the leads accurately. We have compiled for you the best Linkedin automation tools in 2022!


On top of the list is Linkedcamp. It is your hub for prospecting efficiently and professionally, this tool eliminates your hassle of manual work and helps you focus on what matters. It has a little bit of everything and is by far the easiest to use, uncomplicated, and the go-to cloud based Linkedin automation tool for LinkedIn automation!

Standout features:

  • Helps to personalize your reach. You can easily hyper-personalize your outreach campaigns and get a better click-through rate which is the perfect growth hack for business-to-business marketers.

Tool pricing: 69 USD per month

Linkedin sales navigator

Linkedin sales navigators are awarded by LinkedIn itself and help to affix buyers and sellers in a unique way. This LinkedIn automation tool helps to improve sales uniquely. Below listed are some of its standout features.

Standout features:

  • Linkedin sales navigator comes with various features that will help build connections and advanced relationships with potential clients. The tool allows you to interact with other accounts, users, and contact within LinkedIn thus taking your LinkedIn automation to another level.

Tool pricing: Linkedin sales navigator is priced at $79.9 per month.


Expandi is a secure and one of the most famous cloud-based tools in the market that helps in the best automation of your LinkedIn messages. This LinkedIn automation tool allows joining your outreach struggles with your leads database by combining expansion with a customer relationship management tool of your own will.

Standout features:

  • This LinkedIn automation tool creates numerous outreach campaigns for a number of LinkedIn profiles under one account and sends connection requests of your choice to a customized target audience.

Tool pricing: $99 per month with a 7-day free trial


Dux-soup also happens to be one of the most famous Linkedin automation tools in the market that makes connecting and engaging with prospects super easy! This is not a cloud-based tool rather it's a chrome extension.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, don’t worry. We got you covered. Chrome extension means that dux soup lives in your browser and you would need to have LinkedIn open the whole time in the background of your browser in order to keep the tool running.

If you are new to LinkedIn, dux-soup is one of the most feasible options for you as it has a lot of support for beginners just getting started with LinkedIn.

Tool pricing: Dux soup has 3 pricing models for you:

  1. Free

Some of its standout features are listed below.

Standout features:

  • This LinkedIn automation tool is for people looking for an easy plus straightforward tool for LinkedIn automation that lives right in their browser.


Zopto is an easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool that takes your LinkedIn automation to another level. The tool helps in improving sales and contributes to LinkedIn lead generation. You can filter your perfect customers and start exploring using Linkedin premium or sales navigator.

standout features:

  • Zopto helps out in filtering by industry, location, size of the company, seniority level, title, and much more. Once you have identified a filter/ target audience, then you can select the engagement level of your choice.

Tool pricing: Zopto offers the following pricing models

  1. Personal: 215 USD per month


We connect is an amazing LinkedIn automation tool that’s cloud-based. It's safer than most browser tools because it’s cloud-based and helps in reaching more potential clients, closing more deals, and running successful campaigns.

We-connect assists in automating professional networking on LinkedIn with a customized/personalized and appropriate approach.

Some of the most standout features of we connect are listed below.

Standout features:

  • It's a multi-performer tool that helps in LinkedIn automation by running multiple campaigns based on the target audience.

Tool pricing: 49 USD per month

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is the ideal Linkedin automation tool on the internet. Alfred works as a LinkedIn automation message tool, helps in networking with prospects, and leads to LinkedIn lead generation. This tool focuses mainly on end-to-end social selling.

Below listed are some of the standout features of Alfred.

Standout features:

  • It has built-in customer relationship management that helps in organizing and managing your leads plus connections within the automation tool.

Tool pricing:

  1. essential- 29 USD per month


Phantombustor assists businesses in automating growth, LinkedIn lead generation, and connecting with audiences. It is a code-free LinkedIn automation tool and can automate most of the actions you carry out on the web.

It’s also one of the oldest LinkedIn automation tools in the market. This tool is the one if you are searching for new growth opportunities and hacks. Below listed are some of the standout features of phantombuster.

Standout features:

  • Your LinkedIn account will be automated amazingly as phantombuster has an application programming interface that helps you do so.

Tool pricing: 0–900 USD

Conclusion: And that is it for our best LinkedIn automation tools for leads 2022! This guide will certainly help you choose the best Linkedin automation tool for yourself.



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