4 Little-Known Tips for Successful Prospecting In 2021

Steve J
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


When it comes to prospecting and lead generation, LinkedIn is, undoubtedly, the best friend of most B2B marketers and sales professionals.
With more than half a billion prospects on this giant professional network, deciding who to find and connect with is not as easy as it seems.

Many people out there trying to find their ideal leads manually and end up with slow progress. Finding one or two leads is not a problem but when it comes to finding hundreds of leads, manual prospecting would take most of your time.
This is where LinkedIn automation tools come in handy- to scale your lead generation efforts and bring you quick results.

Useful Tips for Successful Prospecting

1. Find the ideal prospects the right way

The type of prospect you find and connect with to build your network can make or break your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.
If you want to grab the attention of your prospects, remember, do not send them too-salesy or stuffy messages that would bore them. They might flag your account as spam.

To get better results, collect data about what they do and what are their interests. Once you have collected data using the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can send them highly personalized messages to improve your acceptance and response rate.

2. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With a LinkedIn automation tool, you can also consider using the sales navigator for the best results.

B2B marketers and sales professionals who use LinkedIn to find leads must be familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Though it’s premium, it can help you find exactly the right leads.

The tool comes with the following advanced features:

  • Advanced search filters
  • ‘View similar profiles’ feature
  • ‘Posted on LinkedIn’ feature
  • And more.

3. Remove Pending Invites

The LinkedIn algorithm has become very smart. It detects even the slightest irregular activity performed on your account.

To avoid this, you need to very alert. If you’re using a LinkedIn automation tool to send connect requests, make sure it has a feature to remove pending requests from time to time.

If you remove pending invites and they keep piling with the time, and LinkedIn might detect that you are using an automation tool.

LinkedIn hasn’t mentioned any certain limit but it’s important that you keep the number below 1000.
One good option is using cloud based LinkedIn automation tools because they come with features that keep removing pending invites from time to time.

4. Choose the right LinkedIn automation tools
One reason why people fail to get the advantage of LinkedIn is that they use the wrong LinkedIn automation tools. Such tools can put their account safety at risk.

Many people just don’t get the idea and end up choosing an automation tool that doesn’t have inbuilt safety limits.

The safest way to leverage the benefits of this platform is to use a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that provides dedicated IPs. With such tools, your account activity is not detected by LinkedIn.

To wrap up, LinkedIn is a hub of qualified leads. One needs to use all the right tools and technologies to do prospecting right.

Using LinkedIn automation tools is a great way to generate hot leads while you focus more on your core business tasks.



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