A Complete Guide: Creating Personalized Campaigns on LinkedIn

For many years, LinkedIn was just another social media platform. A place to hunt and find perfect employment opportunities. Being a professional platform, LinkedIn connected potential employees with employers, making the hiring process easier. However, the platform took a sharp 360-degree turn.

Today, LinkedIn is a leading social media platform, allowing businesses to enhance their outreach strategies. With personalized campaigns on LinkedIn, enterprises can reach the top professionals and make them their customers. Either cold or warm outreach, LinkedIn has changed the way businesses used to search for prospective clients.

With more than 810 million professionals on the same platform, LinkedIn boasts a variety of strengths. 80% of the users at the platform are professionals who are decision-making authorities. More than 55 million businesses are on its platform. 33% of the B2B decision makers now use LinkedIn before finalizing their purchasing pronouncements.

Even with such success and power, no business can succeed without strategic management. Organizations have to opt for outreach methodology and strategical implementation to leverage LinkedIn benefits. Today, businesses that are adding a touch of customization and personalization are yielding the power of the platform.

On LinkedIn, there are several intricate profile filters and outreach options. For such reasons, personalization and outreach messages often become a complex process. Marketers who create personalized campaigns on LinkedIn for the first time believe it is an overwhelming process.

To make things easier, there are multiple ways to utilize the power of personalization on LinkedIn for outreach. Businesses can unlock the door to LinkedIn automation tools and B2B lead generation tools through strategic planning. With customization, organizations can also maximize their overall profit and enjoy a phenomenal conversion rate.

But before this, it’s important to know that your LinkedIn profile should narrate your business story perfectly. Your business profile on the platform is the first and most important aspect that attracts prospect leads.

When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, make sure it looks authentic, professional, and appealing. Every word should communicate well with your target audience. Since your profile and cover photos are prominent, they must be completely optimized.

Your profile image and cover photo must highlight your brand’s positive side and emphasis your unique selling point. After these, there are four other aspects of your LinkedIn profile. They must also be fully optimized.

Bio of the Profile

The bio of your LinkedIn profile contains essential information about your business. The information shared from here would be displayed everywhere on the platform. Therefore, it’s vital to write an authentic bio for your brand.

The profile bio can:

  • Providing a concise overview about the things you do,
  • Optimizing the profile to help in appearing on appropriate search terms,
  • Leaving the target audience intrigued to know more.

By completing these three requirements, your LinkedIn bio would be able to attract eyeballs. For ease, businesses can divide it into three parts. The first part will be about what you do as a business, the second will leave the reader intrigued, and the final part will help in relevant search terms.

Here is the tip, try to be creative and experiment in different ways.

About Me Section

Here you can get the chance to add more search terms. These can help in highlighting your LinkedIn profile better. It will also elaborate specifies about the nature of your business, the unique point, and the reason for your brand’s existence.

Businesses can talk about their expertise, unique offerings, services, and products. The about me section attracts the target audience with information they wish to read.

Here’s the tip! Try including the renowned projects your company has completed to attract and impress target clients.

Featured Section

You can use the featured section creatively in the following ways:

  • Display LinkedIn posts that are evidence of your expertise,
  • Demonstrate samples to attract potential clients when they visit your business profile,
  • Provide detailed information on the services you offer.

With creativity, use this space to tell your target audience more about you. And how different and innovative as a business you are.

Activity Section

The activity section provides insight into your recent activities on the platform. From your recent published posts to unique content creation, and comments you have dropped. Make sure each word you share on LinkedIn is impressive enough to attract attention.

LinkedIn is already an overcrowded platform. To get highlighted in such a saturated platform, try to be original and true to your business. The audience appreciates honesty and completely informative profiles.

Since it’s a multi-channel marketing world, your audience will search for you on other platforms as well. Make your profile worthful for them to know about you instantly.

Once you have optimized your LinkedIn profile and spent some time publishing interactive content on it. It’s time to start reaching out to prospective clients. For creating a personalized campaign on LinkedIn there are a few steps for outreach that you must follow.

Step # 1 — Identify Prospects

With the powerful search filters, businesses can filter out potential targets based on location, keywords, academics, past employers, etc.

With sales navigator LinkedIn, organizations can leverage more power. With the simple filters, the paid version of LinkedIn allows different filtration. For instance, based on the size of the organization, date of joining the platform, hours of being active on LinkedIn, etc.

By using the power of these filters, businesses can easily identify prospects and the outreach can be enhanced.

Step # 2 — Connection Requests

The most common practice to send a new connection request is to utilize the default message LinkedIn has. “I’d like to add you to my professional contact.” Such a message is not as powerful as you desire. Try sending a personalized message to get attention.

Only 10% of LinkedIn users accept connection requests no matter what. However, professionals and entrepreneurs are not that easy to crack. Therefore, a personalized message can help in breaking the ice. Manually adjusting these personalized messages can be a pain. Hence, use LinkedIn automation tools with LinkedIn automated messages for help.

Another important thing is to check pending invitations. Make a habit of withdrawing 6 weeks older connection requests. If you reach the limit of sending new connection requests then you won’t get a chance to continue your personalized campaigns on LinkedIn.

Step # 3 — Creating Messages & Sending Them

Once your connection requests are accepted, it’s time to initiate conversation. It’s the point where you have to intellectually personalize your approach when conversing with each prospect.

Start with a series of templated messages for this. With casual talking sessions, start getting to your main point. Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a social platform, where people love to converse and engage. It’s not the place where they come to read sales pitches. Hence, don’t start with your sales pitch instantly. Try building confidence, trust, and a relationship that will last for a longer time.

To make things easier, try to connect with the business decision-maker. With a person who makes financial decisions, it’s quicker to make a prospect into a customer. Waiting in a long chain of command is sometimes frustrating.

Dynamic ads or personalized ads are not outreach tools. But they are essential for creating a personalized campaign on LinkedIn. They enable and unlock the essence of personalization. With the help of these ads, businesses can use LinkedIn data to personalize the ad copy against each impression. Being highly performing advertisement methodology, dynamic ads will pay you well for the efforts. With these ads, advertisers can also use the LinkedIn algorithm to optimize overall results.

With the personalized ads, you will achieve the following objectives for your business:

Website Traffic

Personalized ads are optimized to enhance your website traffic. It is also known as Spotlight Advertisements. They redirect the viewers to your business website and the landing page. Therefore, when you select this objective on LinkedIn, the algorithm will allow your brand to send a customized and highlighted CTA.


Organizations can use it when building an audience for their brand through LinkedIn. Through this, only the target audience will see the content you share and the page you belong to.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn lead generation campaigns are also directly related to personalized campaigns on LinkedIn. It allows businesses to promote their offerings, services, and products via a proper channel. The gathered information helps in converting a lead into a customer.

Final Verdict

LinkedIn has recently started as a social platform to gain leads and convert them into customers. If you start with personalized campaigns on LinkedIn now, you will soon become the champion. You can leverage the benefit of early adopters as well.

Finally, don’t forget that with personalization comes innovation and creativity. Therefore, you need to be inventive with your customized campaigns to get through your prospective client. The more personalized experience you will provide, the better chance of them being your future customer, lifelong.



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