Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For Small Businesses In 2021

Is LinkedIn Automation worth a shot?

No matter if you are looking for a job or want to generate leads, your LinkedIn profile has become the go-to-place to avail yourself more opportunities. However, you must use the right techniques and the best LinkedIn automation tools to fully leverage the potential of this platform.

With almost 690 million amazing profiles, LinkedIn, without any doubt, can give you unlimited opportunities to expand your network and generate hundreds of qualified leads. With immense opportunities, it has taken the role of prospecting and leads generating tool.

Marketing surveys and research have shown that the lead generation rate on LinkedIn is 3x higher than any other social media platform.
With the best LinkedIn automation tools, businesses have been able to improve their sales generation rate by 12%.

Here are some of the best LinkedIn automation tools that can skyrocket your sales in a short time.

Best for Lead Generation: LinkedIn Helper

As the name suggests, LinkedHelper is a tool that helps users to streamline their lead generation processes, boost brand visibility and bring you qualified leads. Using this LinkedIn automation tool, you cannot only send automated connect requests ad messages but also endorse the skills of the prospects. They will also endorse your skills in return. As a result, your LinkedIn profile visibility will go up in no time.
The tool also sends messages and follow-ups to connections.

Second best: Dux-Soup

This is the second-best LinkedIn automation tool on this list. Dux-soup is a chrome extension used to run campaigns to send automated connect requests and messages. It works as a search engine that brings the best leads right in front of you. This is because it comes with special filters that users can use for successful outreach. With this tool, you can easily personalize your campaigns and send them to your ideal prospects for better outcomes.

Third best: Crystal

Crystal has emerged as one of the best LinkedIn automation tools in the market that helps to connect with the right prospects based on real-time insights.
The best thing about this tool is that it uses AI to get the data and collect the behavior patterns of the prospects.
when you run the campaigns using Crystal, it provides complete personality traits of the targeted prospects. This will eventually help you to make and provide solutions that synchronize with their interests.

Fourth Best: LinkedCamp

Surely a newcomer but has established a great reputation in the market due to its advanced features. A cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that has made searching, connecting, engaging, messaging, and conversion an easy and smooth exercise.
The tool is cloud based, provides dedicated IPs that are difficult to detect so your account remains safe.

Moreover, it runs highly personalized campaigns which help to increase your acceptance ad response rate. The tool has also made the communication with the prospects a chaos-free and smooth process by offering a smart inbox option.

Fifth Best: Prospect.Io is also the best LinkedIn automation tool present on our list. Why users prefer this tool is because of its simple and easy-to-use interface that makes prospecting a quick and seamless process.
Like Dux-Soup, it’s also a chrome extension that enables you to run campaigns and generate a long list of qualified leads.

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