How Real Estate Agents Can Use LinkedIn To Turn Their Connections Into Cash

If you’re a real estate agent, you might already have an idea that a customer or a client spends money only once or maybe twice in a decade.
That’s how difficult generating leads in the real estate industry is!
While many real estate companies use billboards, bus stop signs, ads, etc. that only give diminishing results, there’re many people who are smartly using social networks such as LinkedIn to easily generate hundreds of qualified leads for their business.

Does LinkedIn Really Work For Realtors?

How LinkedIn automation tools work for realtors

With more than 722 million active users on the platforms, it’s not easy to go through each profile and collect useful insights about them manually.
It will take you weeks and even months to collect important insights and data while the best LinkedIn automation tools can do it within a few hours or even less.

That means you can easily learn about your customers and then make potential clients.

Timing is everything for a real estate agent. You need to be in front of people all the time. But sticking your face on a billboard or bus stop shelter is not the best or most cost-effective way to do this.

Instead, why not be visible and build trust, likability, and authority at the same time!

2. Send Personalized Messages

There are millions of prospects on LinkedIn associated with the real estate industry. However, not everyone is your ideal prospect. You can use advanced LinkedIn automation tools to filter out specific types of people who will benefit your business.
Not just that, the latest LinkedIn automation tools also come with CSV and Hyperise integration features that help you run highly personalized campaigns for your real estate potential prospects.
These tools send personalized messages along with custom images/GIFs based on the Prospects’ profile picture and data.
A number of users who have run such LinkedIn automation campaigns for real estate have been able to book more demo calls and make 3x more sales.

3. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Real Estate Groups

LinkedIn groups are like small hubs where like-minded people hang out and interact with each other. You can join LinkedIn groups related to real estate and interact with relevant people that can benefit you.

Participate in the groups so people start noticing you and you look familiar to them. Another good thing about Linkedin groups is that once you become a member, you can message people directly without connecting with them.

Once you have done it, you can use the best LinkedIn automation tools to extract profiles from LinkedIn groups and run a highly targeted and personalized campaign for them.
Such LinkedIn automation campaigns are more likely to generate qualified leads that will eventually turn into sales.

Moreover, advanced LinkedIn automation tools also have this feature to target a particular LinkedIn post with a high engagement rate and extract out profiles who have liked or commented on them. You can then run a personalized campaign for them and get outstanding results as compared to cold efforts.


A lot of people believe that LinkedIn lead generation is a number game and they focus on connecting with maximum people that brings them zero results.

Lead generation is all about filtering audiences and targeting them with the right message. If you want qualified leads for your real estate business, use the best Linkedin automation tool, filter out your audience, and run highly personalized campaigns and you will see an influx of leads in a short time.

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