The Best Tools to Help Boost the Outreach of Your Business with LinkedIn Automation Tools

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6 min readAug 18, 2022

LinkedIn helps you build real-time relations with your potential customers through the most organic ways present out there. It takes most of your hassle away by doing most of the manual work such as sending messages, organizing, and managing your profile in the most presentable way possible. Not only that, but it also gives you tips and tricks that will increase your reach, which is obviously very important for LinkedIn Lead generation and LinkedIn automation.

Does your business need a good outreach boost? Do you want to do it in real-time but you don’t know how to do that? Well, guess what we have for you. There are plenty of LinkedIn automation tools out there that will help you boost the outreach of your business and help increase LinkedIn lead generation.

These tools will take all the work and hassle away from you and will do the work for you. These won’t let you miss a beat and will be in terms with everything that is essential for effective LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn automation. You definitely need these Linkedin automation tools to help you get through these otherwise annoying stages of your business in the best possible manner.


Linkedcamp is by far the most reliable and best LinkedIn automation tool in the industry. It is a terrific cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that does wonders for every type and need of business stages or types. The manual work that you must have daunted you otherwise is done just by a single LinkedIn automation tool. Linkedcamp will bring you the most startling B2B lead generation.

With that, you get to enjoy the LinkedIn automation that you always dreamt of. This tool has its own warm-up feature which in turn increases your campaign limits regularly to imitate human behavior. The personalized features in this tool help in generating leads that are times more than any other automation tool in the market.

Linkedcamp simply knows everything about your needs and audience and thus, fulfills all your fantasies. The services that this tool provides just don’t end here. The automated campaigns and messaging it possesses allow you to program and track your outreach campaigns. It also lets you A/B test them and eventually, get alerts and notifications whenever your prospects respond/ reply.

In addition, integration with this one is not to be missed as it does integrations with CRM tools and marketing automation. With that, it does many integrations making use of other software such as webhooks and Zapier.


Expandi is another cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool and is considered one of the safest and the most famous out there. It has many advanced features that help expand your prospect list. Expandi has a dedicated country IP that helps uninterrupted use of this tool no matter where you are by letting you have the same virtual location.

Not only that, it allows you to manage multiple accounts at once and helps amalgamate with CRMs and many other marketing tools. Moreover, you can personalize your prospect’s profiles. This advanced dynamic lets you pull images off of your prospect’s profiles and include them in messages. Expandi is sure to get you through all these troubling tasks and do it all just for you for effective LinkedIn automation!


The name of this LinkedIn automation tool pretty much self-explains itself. Yes, it really is your LinkedIn helper as it does the maximum work for you by itself, on its own. The features it has are very helpful and efficient for you to boost your business’ outreach since it covers the surface-level LinkedIn capabilities.

To manage leads, this tool has an in-built CRM. It is very personalized to make your potential prospects fall for the lead since it gets you personalized first messages, follow-ups, endorsements, and invitations to join a group, follow your company page, or attend your LinkedIn event.

The best part is the automatic connection removals and requests it sends out on its own. Not only that, you can customize your outreach templates easier and more accessible than ever. Most of all, LinkedHelper’s integration capabilities are considered the most amazing and magnificent. Get your hands on this one! All these services result in exceptional LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn automation.


This cloud-based automation tool is considered the safer one out of all the LinkedIn automation tools in the automation. It helps you pick and choose your potential prospects in the most intricate possible way as it helps customer filtration in a way that helps you filter prospects by industry, title, seniority level, location, company size, etc and this results in mazing LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn automation. Not only that, you wouldn’t have to deal with location problems or anything since Zopto has a dedicated country-based IP that enables you to use the tool from any device, from anywhere!

The most unique and fascinating feature of this LinkedIn automation tool is the way it manages leads. It tracks leads on your live dashboard and then, shares the information with team members in terms of multiple profile management.

Furthermore, it has levels of engagement feature that lets you become even more specific with each of your prospects. This means, that it lets you choose the wanted level of engagement that you would want to have with each and different prospect, for example, message sequences, connection invites, free InMails, etc.


Phantombuster is the choice of masses because of its unique and easy-to-use features. It is a code-free, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool for LinkedIn lead generation that enables you to do much automation to help boost your business outreach by helping you generate leads, scrape audiences and eventually, boost your growth.

This LinkedIn automation tool has a LinkedIn URL finder that allows you to find LinkedIn profile URLs from just the first and last names of the prospects, and also the company page URL’s from the company names list. It also has a LinkedIn Network Booster feature that helps you send invitations with personalized messages to a list of users and help you auto-connect with them on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Sales Navigator search export is another distinctive feature that helps you export the search results of LinkedIn sales navigator collected to a spreadsheet, which is great when it comes to managing and organizing.

It also has a LinkedIn Scraping feature that helps you collect every data from a list of LinkedIn profiles, and company pages’ information, and scrape LinkedIn profiles, names & positions of up to 2,500+ members of a LinkedIn group. Personalization is the key and it sends personalized messages to your prospects and LinkedIn connections with its LinkedIn Message Sender feature.

We know it is such a struggle when you have to reply, comment, like, accept, post, and endorse every other thing one by one manually but, Phantombuster is that LinkedIn automation tool that takes away that struggle for you with its LinkedIn activities automation feature and results in LinkedIn lead generation. It does everything that annoys you as it auto likes, auto follow, auto comment, auto endorse, auto post, auto-accept invites, auto invites to join groups, auto-reply, etc. (basically everything you don’t want to spend so much time into)

Octopus CRM

This is an all-in-one LinkedIn automation CRM chrome extension tool that you can install and connect with your LinkedIn account to help you improve your prospects and generate/ increase leads. It consists of Hubspot and Zapier integrations which turn out to be very beneficial.

This LinkedIn automation tool tracks your LinkedIn performance and gives you real-time analysis and report on your performance which obviously lets you know about your weaknesses and strengths to work on. Not only that, it visits hundreds of LinkedIn profiles automatically to help you find your potential prospect and messages 1st level connections in bulk and that too, right away. As far as 2nd and 3rd level connections are concerned, they are sent automated connection requests, and that is too personalized.

Moreover, this LinkedIn automation tool automatically endorses and promotes up to 7 of the best skills and qualities of your LinkedIn contacts. And, it also makes it possible for you to import and export properly and creates a personalized LinkedIn lead generation funnel. This feature is really helpful and efficient in managing and organizing your prospects in the best way possible.

Conclusion: We brought you a list of all the great LinkedIn automation tools out there in the industry that you can make use of in order to boost your business’ outreach and help you increase your LinkedIn lead generation. You make use of these tools and see the results for yourself as you are definitely going to see some outstanding change in the outputs you receive.

We hope you found all the answers to your questions regarding the best-Linkedin automation tools in this one and are ready to roll!



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