Tired of LinkedIn’s Ever-Changing Algorithms? LinkedCamp Has Got Your Back

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that a B2B marketer must have in its toolbelt.

More than half a billion prospects use LinkedIn to find jobs, grow their network, find talent, generate leads, and make more sales. Whether you want to grow a network or build a brand, LinkedIn is something you can never ignore.

Just like any other platform, LinkedIn can seem fickle in its benefits, from being a highly effective lead generation tool to a platform with no benefits.

Your success on LinkedIn highly depends on knowing and understanding the LinkedIn algorithm. The major trouble that most B2B marketers are facing these days is the frequent changes in LinkedIn rules and algorithms. It’s mostly affecting B2B marketers and sales reps who use LinkedIn to run successful outreach campaigns?

Why LinkedIn algorithm changes so frequently?

Many users on LinkedIn use different practices and LinkedIn automation tools that are against LinkedIn’s rules and regulations.

They use LinkedIn automation tools to send unlimited connect requests, spammy messages that make LinkedIn takes action against them.

However, it’s not just the LinkedIn automation tools that cause spam but anything that you do against LinkedIn’s terms and conditions causes spam.

LinkedIn has a zero-tolerance policy against spammers…

LinkedIn has very strict rules against spammers. In 2014 it deleted millions of accounts that were causing spam. It has a very smart algorithm that quickly detects when someone is trying to collect data or send templated messages to a lot of people either manually or with the help of the best LinkedIn automation tools.

However, many users who rely on LinkedIn for outreach and networking believe that LinkedIn is new rules and conditions are hurting their outreach practices.

LinkedIn is a hub of professional data, but it is now allowing users to take advantage of the data completely. Such limits are badly affecting B2B marketers and sales reps.

LinkedIn’s New Weekly Invite Limits — A New Change Introduced by LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn frequently, you might have noticed some new changes.

When you try to send connect requests, a new pop-up will show up on your screen ‘You have reached your weekly invitation limit.’

LinkedIn has set the new limit of sending connect requests which is 100 invites per week. Once a user has sent 100 invites, they have to wait for the whole next week till the limits reset.

This is good news for some users who are tired of spammers and bad news for marketers and businesses who need to spend a lot of connect requests to grow their network and maximum their outreach and engagement.

Why has LinkedIn introduced these limits?

Most of LinkedIn’s updates have been introduced to reduce the spam on LinkedIn or push the members towards paid solutions.

According to LinkedIn, many users use the latest LinkedIn automation tools that cause harmful behavior on LinkedIn. Users send bulk to connect requests and templated messages to every profile that comes into the way.

The new limits encourage the users to send a few connect requests to only those people who are relevant and industry-specific. The pop up that appears on the screen reads as:

“Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.

“For people, you don’t know, you can follow them to see their posts or send an InMail instead. If you’d still like to send an invitation, please try again next week.”

This clearly shows that LinkedIn wants its users to keep things slow and more personalized to get better advantages.

How are these new limits affecting B2B marketers?

A 100 invites per week will affect the networking and growth efforts significantly. Though LinkedIn has not implemented this new update on all the accounts yet, many users are already tired of this new restriction imposed by LinkedIn.

Is there any solution to overcome the ‘New LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limits?

Yes. With LinkedCamp, you can surpass the weekly invite limit set by LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedCamp to Lift the Weekly Invite Limits?

LinkedCamp, a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool has a solution for this problem. This LinkedIn automation tool has features to help send more than 500 invites per week. It collects the email addresses of the prospects and then sends them invites through their email addresses.

These invites don’t go to their email inboxes but show up as normal connect requests on their profiles. This way, you can send a lot of connect requests without bothering about the new weekly invite limits.

Your weekly quota of the invite limits will remain safe, and you can use them to send connect requests to those prospects who haven’t provided their email addresses.

The best part? You don’t need to subscribe to a lot of tools to grow your network. You can simply subscribe to one LinkedIn automation tool and network like a pro.

Is this LinkedIn Automation Tool Safe to Use?

But LinkedCamp is an advanced LinkedIn automation tool that runs from the cloud and provides IP addresses to keep your login details secure. It runs 100% safe campaigns and LinkedIn can’t detect it. It has thousands of users, and no one has ever got any warning from LinkedIn.

It’s a useful LinkedIn automation tool for B2B marketers and other businesses who want to get over LinkedIn’s ever-changing rules and regulations.

Checklist and Takeaways

  • Understand LinkedIn algorithms and how it works
  • Don’t spam users and use a more personalized approach
  • Use LinkedCamp to get over the new weekly invites limits
  • Use content marketing to get more connect requests

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