Top Cloud based Linkedin Automation Tools for Boosting Sales In 2021

Steve J
3 min readNov 24, 2020


Do you know that LinkedIn has more than 675 million active users? Surprised? How about the fact that these members are from more than 200 countries?

Over the years, LinkedIn has become the largest professional network. It’s the best platform for anyone who wants to maximize their outreach, brand awareness, and connecting with the right prospects. But how to find the right prospects among millions of people out there?

Many B2B marketers and other businesses are using cloud based LinkedIn automation tool to generate leads on LinkedIn with 100% safety?

In this article, we are going to examine the 5 best cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools that can generate leads safely to LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp is one of the best cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools used that can run effective end-to-end social selling campaigns to generate the best leads.

It provides dedicated IP addresses that reduce the chances of LinkedIn account activity detection to almost zero. Unlike a chrome extension, you don’t need to monitor your campaign or sit by your computer all the time. Just set the campaign sequence, press the ‘start button, and leave the rest on the tool.

Top Features:

. Cloud based automation tool

. Advanced Filtering System

. Smart Inbox

. Email Automation


2. Expandi

Expandi is the safest cloud based automation tool for LinkedIn that is super convenient to use and runs campaigns 24/7. The tool provides CSV file features which are very important because it helps to personalize your messages.

The best thing about the tool is that it runs campaigns with regular time intervals to avoid LinkedIn restrictions.

Best Features:

. Cloud based automation tool

. Inbuild Safety Limits

. CSV file

. Smart Limits

3. Zopto

If you have the desire to generate hundreds of leads and boost your sales by connecting with the right prospects on LinkedIn, Zopto is the right tool for you. The tool is cloud-based and its goal is to help the users generate leads safely without putting their LinkedIn account at risk. The superpower of this tool is that you build and run effective campaigns to make you generate more leads and stay ahead of the competition.


· Cloud based software

· Advanced Filtering

· Actionable Insights

· Seamless Integration

· Free Support

3. WeConnect

WeConnect is a highly trusted cloud based automation tool for LinkedIn that helps you grow your outreach and connect with the right prospects to turn them into leads.

You can set segmented LinkedIn marketing campaigns to generate leads faster. As the tool I AI-powered, it analyses each profile and chooses only those prospects that are relevant to your businesses.


. Cloud-based tool
. Powerful Campaign Manager
. Smart Reply Management
. Quick User Management


We have provided you a list of the best cloud based linkedIn automation tools. These tools are safe to use, cost-effective, and run campaigns to generate qualified leads.

Cloud based Linkedin automation tools are better than using chrome extensions. Chrome extensions don’t take inbuilt safety limits into account and send irregular to connect requests and messages. LinkedIn algorithms work in a way that immediately detects your activity and restricts your account. To avoid this, use the best cloud-based automation tool for LinkedIn.



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