Why Shouldn’t You Use LinkedIn Automation or Maybe… You Should??

Steve J
3 min readFeb 24, 2021

With more than half a billion prospects, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest and most useful platform. The platform is so vast that it becomes difficult to know where to take a start. Many people use the same old low-key and traditional approaches to connect to prospects that sound too sales-y and stuffy. This is why you need LinkedIn automation tools.

With the advanced LinkedIn automation tools, there are so many opportunities to fill your sales pipeline. However, you need to master prospecting to get the advantages. Here are some proven LinkedIn cold outreach strategies to help you scale your efforts.

1- Find and Target the Right Leads

LinkedIn is a good platform to map out your approach to the decision-makers ad target them. As a B2B marketer or a sales professional, it will take you a lot of time and effort to find and contact a large number of decision-makers in order to engage with them and turn them into leads.

Instead, you can use the best LinkedIn automation tools that perform such repetitive tasks automatically. They help to search, connect and engage with the right prospects that can be your potential customers.

You can put the relevant keywords to find industry-specific prospects. When you connect with the right prospects, the chances of generating leads increase eventually.

2- Prospect with Agility using LinkedIn Automation Tools

With more than 675 active users on LinkedIn, prospecting manually is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, energy, and other resources to find the right prospects to connect and engage with. You will end up frustrated due slow and awkward process.

Thus, businesses are using advanced LinkedIn automation tools to save their time and resources and generate qualified leads faster.

B2B marketers and ales professionals often need something that would give them better outcomes and ROI with less investment. The latest LinkedIn automation tools are the perfect options as they have been designed to speed up your lead generation process.

3- Hacking InMail

A very few people are familiar with this tactic. LinkedIn InMail is a great option to engage with prospects with whom you’re not even connected. Advanced LinkedIn automation tools give you an opportunity to connect with such people in a more professional way.

If you’re having trouble finding out which prospects are open to InMail, don’t worry. The best LinkedIn automation tools have features that will sift out the profiles open to InMails. These tools also send follow-ups if your prospects don’t show interest the first time.

4- Try to Engage With Prospects With New Roles

Prospects keep on changing their job roles from time to time. When prospects get a new job role, they are prone to shaking the data related to their products and services in the profile.

You can use the LinkedIn automation tool to keep track of when prospects change their roles. Swoop in and you might find yourself a new customer. As a B2B marketer, you need to be very alert about your prospects and the best LinkedIn automation tools to help you become a pro.

Wrapping Up:

LinkedIn is a goldmine of B2B sales. Combined with the best LinkedIn automation tools, it can quickly transform your business in a short time. However, make sure you use a tool that is compliant with LinkedIn’s rules and standards because account safety is the most important factor. So, if you’re a B2B marketer, and you have a LinkedIn account, dust it off, use the best tools and start generating leads easier and faster.



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