Why You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Outreach Going Over The Holidays

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Holidays are that time of year when sales drop, outreach initiatives are postponed, and company owners begin to think ahead to the following year. However, only some companies experience a slowdown at the end of the year. Many people are using this opportunity to get more leads and do it successfully.

The truth is that the holidays are a great time to continue your LinkedIn outreach efforts on LinkedIn. With a few simple adjustments to your campaigns, you’ll find it surprisingly simple to reach new prospects at this busy time of year. Your leads check social platforms more frequently than in any other year.

In this article, we’ll outline the outreach plan you need for the holidays and explain how to leverage this window of opportunity to outperform your rivals and boost your lead generation.

Reasons why you should not stop with LinkedIn outreach even during Holidays

Make the most of the holidays to grow your business. To maximize the holiday season, keep your LinkedIn outreach active and robust! You can advance by using LinkedCamp’s lead generation and prospecting services. We are knowledgeable about current LinkedIn and SEO trends.

Improve your LinkedIn profile with SEO to increase your target market’s likelihood of noticing it. We can guide you if you need help with how to proceed.

There are still potential clients on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn data, a significant portion of members use the site for research at night, and more than half utilize it on the weekends. This demonstrates that clients are continually active on LinkedIn, whether or not it is during business hours.

In actuality, social media engagement rates in December were a third greater than they were every year. People working in B2B industries have regularly monitored LinkedIn and other social media sites throughout the week for customer messages, updates, and other information.

Your ideal customers will still be checking LinkedIn for changes and monitoring the competition when the holidays are around. You should also be there if they are still on the platform and grab the opportunity to boost your lead generation.

Develops Trust

The decision-making process takes much longer in the B2B sector than it does in the B2C. Prospects still evaluating brands during the holidays in quest of the finest choice for the coming year may exist.

You may demonstrate to your prospects that you are always available and care about their company by participating in ongoing LinkedIn outreach initiatives. Even if the lead is still being prepared to buy, this builds trust, positions your company as the leading contender in their minds, and enhances your lead generation.

Your lead may have looked into potential partners for the past six months. You want to be the one who is there prepared to provide throughout the holidays if they have a chance to be ready to purchase. If they aren’t ready, your LinkedIn outreach will keep them warm as the year progresses, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when they are.

Enhance your response rates

You can anticipate receiving 21 responses for every 100 LinkedIn outreach messages. Wow! LinkedIn’s average response rate for connection requests is close to 50%. This implies that you should anticipate receiving 50 responses for every 100 connection requests you send.

Bypass LinkedIn Weekly limits

Therefore, LinkedIn is a beautiful place to start if you’re seeking techniques to enhance your response rates and lead generation. You may anticipate a greater response rate by remaining active and interacting with your target audience. Make use of the holidays to stay active by maintaining contact with leads and old clients.

When you keep your LinkedIn account updated, you can build your business whenever you choose. Don’t allow the holidays to make you slack off. Continue your outreach efforts.

Save money

You can save money by keeping your LinkedIn outreach “always on.” Hot leads are easily lost when campaigns are started and stopped. Additionally, you’ll need to reinvest in re-engagement later on, so maintaining some level of connection is always worthwhile.

Also, keep in mind that your rivals aren’t taking a rest. Holidays alone do not indicate that your opponent is taking a break. They might be taking advantage of the chance to steal your clients. Continue your outreach for effective lead generation and maintain your name in front of people’s thoughts to stay one step ahead.

Long-term costs may be lower

Long-term costs may be lower if you take an “always-on” strategy to your outreach. You risk losing hot leads if you stop and start marketing. You’ll need to go through your campaigns again to bring them into your sales funnel because they’ll probably be warm or cold when you restart them.

However, maintaining your LinkedIn outreach throughout the holidays helps keep your lead generation warm. During the holidays, you might need to follow up more frequently than usual, but you won’t see the same drop-off, which can be costly for your marketing efforts.

Maintain market share

Your competitors might continue their LinkedIn outreach even if you do. Additionally, rival brands step in to fill the gap when you cease marketing. The last thing you want is to contact a potential customer in the new year only to learn that they made impromptu plans with another business in December.

It will be very challenging to regain the market share you have already lost. You keep in front of your prospects’ minds by continuing your outreach activities over the holidays. Furthermore, you gain an advantage over your rivals if they stop reaching out during the holidays. You can grab the opportunity to have a successful lead generation.

Create a Successful LinkedIn outreach Holiday Strategy

Plan Out Future Content

You may start scheduling your content after you know when your target audience is online. This can be updated on LinkedIn or blog entries. Just keep in mind to choose quality over quantity.

A small amount of genuinely great content that speaks to your intended audience is preferable to having a large amount of irrelevant stuff for effective lead generation.

Be Particular

A fantastic time to personalize your LinkedIn outreach is during the holidays. Although it is always a choice, you are not required to start sending Christmas cards. However, it does imply that you should concentrate on establishing a personal connection with your target audience.

Sending them a personal message on LinkedIn is one way to achieve this. The InMail feature can be used to accomplish this. Just make sure your message is applicable and beneficial. During the holidays, nobody likes to be inundated with sales pitches.

Take advantage of the holiday season to improve corporate branding and boost response rates. Naturally, it would help if you continued to use LinkedIn for lead generation and sales generation.

Post more often

Over the holidays, continue to publish on LinkedIn. Recall the study that revealed December is the month when users are most active. Utilize this opportunity to improve your SEO and engagement with well-written blogs.

You’re also not required to provide brand-new material for your LinkedIn outreach efforts for the holidays. To keep your leads engaged, this is a beautiful time to repost your high-performing content and create roundups and evaluations of the year to boost your lead generation.

Prospect with a festive attitude

The most significant adjustment you’ll make to your marketing is this. Maintain professionalism while adding a touch of holiday cheer to your messaging. Even though your offer won’t change during the holidays, this is a fantastic time to showcase your brand’s funnier, more lighthearted side.

Include further offerings or increased value

Even in the B2B sector, most people identify holidays with sales, promotions, and presents. Offer prospects extra incentives for the Christmas season if it fits with your overall marketing plan.

This might be a free demo, trial period, sale, or added service. Included value in your holiday outreach is an excellent approach to engaging prospects and capitalizing on the season for effective lead generation results — it doesn’t have to be a significant discount.

Testing vacation

During the holidays, a noticeable shift in perspective occurs. Most employees in firms are happier and more receptive, and brand material gets lighter. So now is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with some new LinkedIn outreach techniques.

The holidays are a particular time of year; this type of test won’t have a negative effect on your marketing initiatives, whether you want to experiment with your brand’s voice or images or alter your offer. You can use the holidays to test what works best for your lead generation efforts.

Continued lead generation

If your outreach remains active throughout the year, you’ll produce more leads and have a successful lead generation. Utilizing the advanced search capabilities on LinkedIn is one of the most significant ways to do this. To find leads that match the characteristics of your ideal consumer, use LinkedIn’s search feature.

For instance, you can look for individuals who belong to a specific profession, have a particular position, or reside in a particular area. You may filter your search results on LinkedIn by various factors, including firm size and seniority.

You can identify leads in this manner who are more likely to be interested in your goods or services. Connect with them once you’ve located some solid leads. After that, you can begin establishing connections and making sales of your goods or services.

Automation Tools To Boost Your LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn automation technologies are used on top of LinkedIn to automate your lead generation efforts. For instance, some systems can link to your account and connect you with a list of prospects automatically, saving you the time it would take to do it manually over several hours.

Others will figure out how to link a verified email address to a LinkedIn user’s profile. Some will recommend your connections and abilities to attract prospects’ attention.


LinkedCamp is the most diverse and sales-drive LinkedIn automation software out there. It prevents account suspension. A range of features is available to make things appear as human as possible, including your unique IP, randomized delays between activities, activity limitations, and an account warm-up tool.

Building target lists inside LinkedCamp, designing LinkedIn outreach campaigns using merge tags for personalization, and using an inbox to track replies and action items are some valuable features that can help you with your LinkedIn lead generation.

It’s ideal for agencies or sales teams running numerous campaigns simultaneously because you can manage multiple accounts from your dashboard.

Additionally, you’ll have access to comprehensive analytics to see how many LinkedIn users accept your connection requests, respond to your messages, and interact with you. A/B testing options are also available, which are helpful if you want to run several campaigns to evaluate various value propositions and target audiences.


A cutting-edge cloud based automation application called Zopto automates lead generation on LinkedIn. It provides a simple approach to getting started automating your LinkedIn outreach. Setting up Zopto takes two minutes. When ready, use the Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium filters to look for new clients.

After selecting your filters, you can create campaigns that, at scale, involve sending InMails, outreach, sequential messaging, and connection invites. Additionally, you can combine it with your CRM using Zapier, A/B test your campaigns, and view detailed statistics on your analytics.


Linked Helper helps you automate your LinkedIn outreach, as its name implies. It does several tasks, including connecting you with individuals outside your network automatically, responding to your messages automatically, and managing everything through an integrated CRM.

You can export all the information you gather with LinkedHelper into a straightforward CSV file, which can be used to create targeted lists of fresh leads for cold email campaigns.

It is perfect if you intend to use LinkedIn for your lead generation efforts because it is created exclusively for the platform. Although it can be used with a free LinkedIn account, I’d suggest purchasing a Sales Navigator subscription first.

We -connect

By giving you a dedicated IP, built-in randomization, and using restrictions to stop your automation from seeming like bot activity, We-Connect provides a secure solution to lead generation. It is a chrome-based automation tool.

There are five different campaign kinds available. Introduce new contacts, send messages to first contacts, recommend people, automatically follow, and automate profile visits.

Simple to set up and manage, single-step and multi-step campaigns can be handled in one location with the Smart Reply function. We-Connect integrates with Zapier and offers an API, so you can link it to your CRM and leverage your LinkedIn activity alongside other sales data.

Conclusion: That is it on this guide on how to get your LinkedIn outreach going, even during the holidays. Boost your sales and lead generation today via the tips and tools mentioned above.



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