Your Competitors Are Generating 3X More Leads with LinkedIn Automation and You Should Do the Same

LinkedIn automation is an AI-based technology that sets up personalized campaigns and helps you get the advantage of LinkedIn in a way that you cannot do otherwise. With LinkedIn automation, it’s like having someone to perform all the repetitive tasks around the clock and you save your time while getting the most out of your budget.

This is the reason why most businesses have started liking LinkedIn. If you’re a B2B marketer, you already know that B2B marketing is a multi-layered approach that involves different steps that we need to tick off to ensure the best outcomes.

As we want to pack in more and more, so any process or LinkedIn automation tool that is going to help us get more leads than our competitors should be part of our strategy, right?

As a B2B marketer, you’d already know how important LinkedIn is for searching and generating leads. With more than 740 million active users, there are thousands of lead generation opportunities for you.

However, there are some quick takeaways that you should implement into your LinkedIn automation strategy to get the most out of this platform.

1. Don’t Spam… Don’t Spam… Don’t Spam

You can implement advanced LinkedIn automation as part of your marketing strategy to automate searching perfect leads, engaging, sending connect invites, personalized messages, endorsements, and many other tasks that can bring you closer to your ideal leads. However, this is a big one- don’t spam.

Make sure there is a balance between the LinkedIn automation activity and the human interaction.

by now, prospects can easily pick up when something is automated, and they get offended. It makes them feel less valued and they go on the back foot even before you get a chance to introduce yourself.

2. Make Sure Your Sales Cycle is Lit

No one hates a good time hack, right? The best LinkedIn automation Software certainly saves you a lot of time that doesn’t seem impersonal such as running campaigns to collect data, nurturing relationships with the potential leads, campaign tracking, brand awareness, and generating qualified leads.

When all such tasks are automated, you can easily reduce your sales cycle in terms of reach and time, eventually reducing the customer acquisition cost and making the whole process more efficient.

When you leave various stages of your sales cycle to automation, you get more time to better understand your potential leads and provide them a personal touch which is crucial for building a solid relationship.

Another area where many people lag behind is the ‘follow up.’ Sometimes leads don’t respond in the first go bit that doesn’t mean you should give up. To create a long-lasting relationship, loyalty is very important so you should automate your follow-ups using advanced LinkedIn automation tools.

3. Ensure every step is working fine

You competitors who have set themselves out among others by sending out the right messages with the right information to the right people. The information can be anything such as industry reports, contact details, or anything that tells them how they can grow their business, what is the solution for your problems, etc.

The key here is that an advanced LinkedIn automation tool isn’t going to do this all for you. There are some that you need to line up to get better outcomes.

There are some tasks that will be performed by the LinkedIn automation tools while there are other things where you need to manage human interaction. This is about making things personalized.

As a B2B marketer or any other business person, you need to keep a check on the LinkedIn automation tools to ensure that it’s working efficiently and generating a quality lead for your business.

For that, you also need to look deep into the reports and analytics and improve your campaigns to make sure that everything is going in your favor.

4. Ask Yourself, “ Are Your Adding Value?”

What many B2B marketers do is that they jump on the LinkedIn marketing bandwagon and think it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. The truth is that you need to provide value to your network and use these tools with the right and disciplined approach.

When using LinkedIn automation tools to research and collect data, make sure you use the data to craft the best personalized messages and send them to the right prospects. Personalization is very important, otherwise, prospects will flag your account as spam and LinkedIn might take an action against you.

By adding personalization to your marketing efforts, you’d be able to bypass a number of lead generation hindrances easily. Moreover, when you have collected data about leads, it becomes easier to nurture leads and sales reps can easily close more deals.

5. Focus, Listen & Learn

There are two ways LinkedIn automation tools going to play out:

One when you spam the prospects as much as you can to the point of no return. This happens when B2B marketers think that sending more and more connection requests and messages will give them more leads.

Well, nothing can benefit you when you try to cross the line.

The second approach is the right and disciplined approach where you keep things small and take time each week to extract a list of ideal prospects. The next step is using the tool to run a highly personalized campaign to send messages based on the interests of the prospects.

The following week you can target a different segment with a slightly different message which again is tailored to a particular demographic.



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