5 LinkedIn Growth-Hacking Strategies That Will Rev Up Your Closing Rate

Initially created as a job finding and networking site, LinkedIn has become a core component of B2B marketing strategy. With the platform’s growth, there are 760 million+ active users from more than 200 countries. This means a single user has access to millions of ideal prospects and business networks through this platform.

That’s the reason LinkedIn has finally become the top useful platform for B2B marketers and salespersons. However, a lot of people don’t know how to do that. They create a profile on LinkedIn and then wait for the leads to roll in.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is just like putting an empty platter in the oven and expecting it to turn into mouth-watering fried chicken.

In this guide, we have shared some very useful LinkedIn marketing strategies to generate B2B leads in a short time like a pro.

But first, a little about LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn is getting a lot of popularity in the B2B world, a lot of people still seem to be confused. They often ask ‘Is LinkedIn really great for B2B leads?’

The answer is, ‘Yes.’

According to Statista, LinkedIn is the most used social media platform by B2B marketers. It has even left behind Facebook and Twitter in this race. Here are some more statistics to back this up:

  • B2B marketers get 80% of the total social media leads from LinkedIn.
  • 47% of the leads relevant to B2B come from LinkedIn
  • 91% of marketing executives consider LinkedIn the best platform to find quality content
  • 80% of the B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn for lead generation
  • 90% of the B2B traffic comes from LinkedIn.

These stats should be enough to convince you how important LinkedIn is for B2B marketing. If you want to check it by yourself, here we have shared some strategies that you can use to see if this platform really works for B2B marketers.

Let’s dive in.

Strategy # 1. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generator

Like we mentioned above, leads don’t fall into your lap, you have to work for them. Start by creating and setting up a relevant and attractive profile.

Many B2B marketers and small businesses, I have seen, create a profile with no proper profile pictures and details and then complain why they fail to catch any leads.

How can you expect leads to come to your profile when there is no relevant data about what you offer or what you can do for them?

Think of your profile or business page as a pipeline for B2B leads to visit and take interest in. Set up and structure your page in a way that converts leads. Make sure your LinkedIn profile/page has the following elements:

  • A professional profile pictures and relevant cover photo that gets attention at once
  • A proper headline and summary
  • Add details about how you can contribute value to your customers.
  • Add skills and get endorsements as they add to your authenticity

Moreover, add relevant keywords throughout your profile because it helps you get found. When people search you manually or with the help of the best LinkedIn automation tools, your profile shows up on the top due to keywords.

Strategy # 2. Connect With the Right Audience

What is the right audience for your business? This is something you need to research before anything else.

There are millions of prospects on LinkedIn but not everyone is suitable for your business. Connecting with random prospects won’t give you any benefits in the short or long term. Thus, your first step should be figuring out who your ideal prospects are and then searching for them.

You can use LinkedIn’s basic filters to filter out relevant profiles and if you want to create lists of highly relevant prospects, you can use an advanced LinkedIn automation tool or LinkedIn Sales Navigator that comes with advanced filters to help you reach the right people.

Strategy # 3. Share Valuable Content

More than 90% of the B2B marketers use this platform as the best content distribution channel. This is because LinkedIn is responsible for almost 70% of the traffic to the B2B sites and blogs.

Also, when you share relevant content in the feed, your audience takes an interest, they start thinking of you as an industry leader. You can easily establish your reputation using relevant and personalized content.

To do that, you must research your audience, understand their interest and problems and then create content that will benefit them.

Moreover, if you’re approaching people in their inboxes, make sure you use a personalized approach. If sending personalized messages to every single prospect seems challenging, you can use the best LinkedIn automation tools.

With the latest LinkedIn automation tools, you can send avatars, customized images/GIFs to grab prospects’ attention.

Strategy # 4. Scrape LinkedIn Groups and Posts

LinkedIn groups are the best places where you can find bundles of relevant B2B leads. Instead of doing random searches for leads, simply look for the best LinkedIn groups. Interact with like-minded people, develop relationships, share content to establish your reputation before you run a campaign for them.

You can also use an advanced LinkedIn automation tool to scrape groups members from a LinkedIn group and then assign them to a campaign. You can even use the best LinkedIn automation tools 2021 to scrape profiles from a LinkedIn post with a high engagement rate and then run a highly personalized campaign for them.

Strategy # 5. Use the best LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools are gaining a lot of popularity in the B2B world. It’s because these tools are really great for searching, engaging, and generating leads.

A number of successful B2B marketers and businesses who use the latest LinkedIn automation tools have acknowledged a significant improvement in the leads and sales funnel.


To recap, connect with the right people, share valuable content, establish your reputation and use the right LinkedIn automation tools to generate the best leads in a short time.

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