How Startups Can Drive A Steady Growth Using LinkedIn Automation

Maximizing brand awareness, engaging a larger audience base, generating more leads, and managing a steady flow of sales: are some of the primary objectives of a growing business, especially startups.

When it comes to carving your identity in the market, startups use different social media platforms and LinkedIn is one of them. Your LinkedIn account can be your most important business card.

You might set your eyes on this platform already to assist your growth strategies. Is LinkedIn automation part of this strategy? If not, it’s time to embrace it to drive impressive results in less time.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to automate your LinkedIn account and that is by using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

These tools make things easier and quicker for you, performing complex tasks with great accuracy while saving you a lot of time.

Many B2B marketers and startups who have so much on their plate already can’t give their LinkedIn account much time to expand their network.

It might seem easier in the beginning but as your business grows, it becomes difficult to maintain a huge network and a good number of leads. That’s where a LinkedIn automation tool comes in handy.

1. Manage a larger network

LinkedIn is all about networking and growing relationships among business professionals. However, you need to make sure that you build a network of connections that are industry-specific. There’s no point in connecting with irrelevant and random people.

But how to find industry-specific and relevant prospects? It will take a lot of time if you start finding and connecting people manually. Don’t worry! This is what the best LinkedIn automation tools have been built for.

The latest LinkedIn automation tools come with features to find industry-specific people based on the keywords that you use.

2. Run campaigns automatically

The best LinkedIn automation tools come with features that enable you to set up campaigns for expanding your network or increase your engagement and integration.

The tool will automatically find the right prospects, send them personalized connect notes or messages and generate leads completely on autopilot.

3. Sending Personalized Messages

Many startups often miss out on opportunities because of a misconception that LinkedIn automation tools are spammy and can get your account blocked.

Well, it all depends on how you use an automation tool.

No LinkedIn automation tool out there can protect your account if you use it with the intention to build a network over the night.

If you really want to reap the advantages of this professional platform, it’s important that you choose a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool and use it with a disciplined approach.


Many cloud based LinkedIn automation tools such as Expandi, LinkedCamp, etc. come with advanced features that enable you to send personalized connect notes and messages to prospects.

How personalized campaigns running can benefit you?

When you have decided your target the audience that you want to target, the next step is to gain their attention. What could be a better option than sending them highly personalized messages with images?

The latest LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedCamp comes with features that enable you to send personalized images along with the message.


LinkedIn automation has endless benefits for startups if used with a proper strategy. These tools can help businesses to access new markets, expand their networks and generate more leads in a short time. LinkedIn automation tools will also save their time that they can use on core business tasks.

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