How to Generate Leads by Using Linkedin Automation Tools

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6 min readNov 23, 2022

If you know the importance of LinkedIn, you are on the right path. LinkedIn is indeed a goldmine for finding the best B2B prospects that can help you improve your business.

You will be surprised how much you will be able to generate if you rely on LinkedIn for lead generation. Statistics reveal that there are more than 810 million users on LinkedIn from over 200 countries. This means that so far LinkedIn is the biggest platform that allows you to contact people based on their professional interests.

So far LinkedIn has 3 times more visitors to lead conversion rate as compared to any other platform like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram.

Because of this high conversion ratio, all sorts of businesses are trying to get into the LinkedIn circle. They are also trying to reach out to a larger and bigger audience at the same time by using mass message automation features offered by some of the LinkedIn automation tools available in the market.

As the market of LinkedIn marketing is becoming more saturated, more businesses are buying LinkedIn automation tools to support their LinkedIn marketing.

Why Are Businesses Becoming Skeptical About Linkedin Automation Tools?

Due to this sudden influx in LinkedIn, more people are now trying to push boundaries by using malpractices.

However, LinkedIn is not amused with this situation which is the reason it has now focused on only promoting businesses that are using the right marketing practices on LinkedIn. Companies using LinkedIn automation tools for spamming or phishing are now being banned.

Most of the companies using spamming strategies by using LinkedIn automation tools can easily get detected and so they end up coming under the LinkedIn algorithm radar.

Consequently, these businesses get restricted and eventually banned if they do not mend their ways.

Companies that have LinkedIn automation tools and they have been using these tools for a very long time have so far not shared any complaints. However new businesses looking forward to exploring the LinkedIn market and buying LinkedIn automation tools are getting skeptical about their purchase.

Experts say that there is no doubt that LinkedIn automation tools are frowned upon by the management of LinkedIn, but they do not ban or restrict the businesses using LinkedIn automation tools. Instead, they ban businesses that are using malpractices like spamming by using LinkedIn automation tools.

In short, you can still make the most out of your LinkedIn marketing if you know:

· Features of the best LinkedIn automation tool

· A powerful LinkedIn strategy for outreach marketing

· A strong prospect lists

· Few tricks up your sleeve to play safely without getting banned

What Do You Need in A Powerful Linkedin Automation Tool?

In the world of competitive business where every move is important and can make or break your business, you need to be very careful when you choose a LinkedIn automation tool for your business.

Most of the LinkedIn automation tools are very expensive and yet they have very limited features. Apart from this, you will see that there are a few LinkedIn automation tools that are good, but they are detectable.

To make sure you do not end up wasting your money on some random LinkedIn automation tool, you need to know about the features that make LinkedIn automation safe for use.

Cloud-Based Linkedin Automation Tool

If you want to stay safe and keep your data secure, a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool is a must. Where most LinkedIn automation tools are easily detectable, cloud-based tools will help you stay under the radar so you can make the most out of your campaign.

Prospect Import Feature

Imagine you let your LinkedIn automation tool set everything for you. Do you feel it will help you focus on just your target audience? There is a chance that you will end up spamming all the people on LinkedIn without even realizing it. When you look for a LinkedIn automation tool, make sure it offers “prospect import” features so you can target prospects that fall into your business audience.

Customized Message Option

Sending the same boring message means you will be wasting your time because in a few seconds the message will get buried in the pile of unread messages in the inbox of your prospect. To make sure your message is engaging and helps you attract the attention of your prospect, you need some visual aid. This can be in the form of gifs, and pictures of small videos. For this reason, you need a customized message option in your LinkedIn automation tool. Most of the LinkedIn automation tools do not offer this option so when you are looking for a good tool, focus on the customize message option as well.

Message Template Option

As a beginner, most people get confused when they are asked to compose a good outreach message. However, some of the best LinkedIn automation tools offer message templates as well as dynamic placeholders that you can use for reaching out to your target prospect. With the help of these placeholders, you can simply edit the name and company name and send it to your prospect. These templates are usually free and can be used by anyone using the automation tool.

Customized Campaign Flow

Most of the automation tools do not offer control over the campaign to the user. This means once you decide on the goal, your campaign will run on its own and there is no pause option. So, before you know it, you might become part of a spamming contest. This is the reason you need to look for a good Linkedin automation tool that offers you a customized campaign flow design option.

Now that you know what you need in a good Linkedin automation tool. Now it’s time to focus on a good strategy that will help you triple your leads in a very limited time.

A Strong Prospect List

A good prospect list will help you reach out to your target audience without any extra effort. Where most people never get the chance to gather the best prospects, they end up shooting messages to everyone even when they show no interest, or they were never part of your target audience.

To make a strong prospect list you also need help from a good Linkedin automation tool that can be used for scraping data. So far there are very few tools that will help you extract data from LinkedIn directly. However, the best option right now is a linked sales navigator.

This tool offers some advanced filters that can help you scoop out data and prospects based on their designation, location, active status, and other professional details.

Once you have this list you can then import this list on your Linkedin automation tools and run an outreach campaign by using a good, customized message.

A strong strategy to improve the response rate

In most cases when people launch an outreach campaign, they usually do not get a response. As a result, they keep waiting for weeks.

Experts explain that so far, the biggest reason behind the low response rate is the wrong prospect and first selling approach.

Most sellers send a selling message right away without trying to build a relationship with their prospects. To deal with this issue, start with a simple connection request along with a good greeting message.

Try to stay relevant in your message and give them a reference from a comment, group, or post that you have seen. Try to build a relationship and know about their pain points.

Finally, address these pain points by offering your product as a solution. For making this process smooth you can either handpick the prospects and send them messages one by one or you can automate this process by using good automation too. This will eventually help you to save time and effort.

Few Tricks to Help You Triple Your Lead Generation

Just like there is no magical formula for success, there is no magic formula for generating leads that fits all. You need to develop a good strategy that works for your business and then use this strategy to stand out.

For beginners here are some tricks to help them improve their lead generation.

  • Use multichannel campaigns so that you can offer a wholesome customer experience to your user.
  • Use a good data scraping tool to extract the best prospects
  • Only use cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool
  • Use the free trial to explore the LinkedIn automation tool before you make a purchase
  • Invest in prospecting and strategy designing for an effective plan.
  • Use customized videos and pictures to gain more attention.
  • Don’t sell in the first message, try to build a relationship first.

Bottom Line

Most people use LinkedIn to push their prospects to sell. This eventually creates a clash between their prospects and their business. The idea is to add some value so you can share a mutually benefiting relationship. To make this possible you need a good LinkedIn automation tool that can help you to focus on your golden prospects only. This will eventually save your time and effort as well.



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