Top 7 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Steve J
6 min readJul 15, 2022

You can find the next best business partner for your business, recruit top talent, make valuable connections or introduce your business to potential customers. Yes! You can do all of this on one platform. That platform is none other than Linkedin. Home to around 830 million users, Linkedin happens to be one of the biggest platforms for professionals. Don’t worry about whether and whoever you are looking for will be on Linkedin or not because anyone and everyone you are looking for will be on Linkedin. That’s just Linkedin for B2B marketing for you.

From starters to influencers, to experienced marketers, salespersons, and decision-makers. Everyone and anyone you are looking for to expand your business is on Linkedin. There‘s no one reason to not go for B2B marketing on Linkedin. Linkedin is a crucial channel B2B lead funnel framework.

The first phase of B2B marketing involves planning where you have to define your goals, determine your target audience, and your unique selling point to the audience. After you are done with it, the next phase involves the activation phase. The second phase of B2B marketing basically involves engaging with prospects. The most relevant and experienced people in the world of B2B buyers spend their time on Linkedin. Hence, you are bound to make the right B2B marketing decisions.

Linkedin has become and grown into the top website for business and B2B marketing. You can make it really big on Linkedin if the right strategies and tips are applied. However, we are not just bragging. There are numerous logical reasons why Linkedin is the go-to place for B2B marketing. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should definitely choose Linkedin as the platform for B2B marketing.

You have to be a part of the buyer’s journey and the conversation taking place. That is only possible if you are on Linkedin. Don’t wait for your customers to contact you as many of the potential ones are already ruling out options before even making contact with sales. It is said that more than seventy percent of the buyer’s journey is done and dusted before a salesperson is even contacted.

Just because you were not a part of the conversation, you will lose out on potential customers. You don't want that to happen. Hence, provide them content that will assist them in evaluating their options and provide them content where you know it will be seen, That platform is for sure Linkedin.

1. The main purpose

There are numerous social platforms where you can choose to do B2B marketing. However, other platforms except for LinkedIn don't exist only because of business purposes. For example, Facebook or Instagram. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have the primary purpose of providing entertainment and making online friends. Whereas Linkedin’s primary purpose is professional networking and growing businesses, It makes sense to do B2B marketing on Linkedin because you have the advantage of context.

The most experienced and professional users use Linkedin to enrich their professional lives. You may be looking for a time management solution for your business or organization or you may be looking for training software for employees, and there you are.

When your LeadGen ad appears on LinkedIn, it is seen by people who want to advance in their sector. When it’s shown on Facebook, it’s in front of people who want to view lovely animal photographs. This may be the same individual, but consider when you are most likely to fill out a form to read a work-related, but valuable, white paper or case study. When you’re in a relaxed state? Or while you’re in business mode?

When you advertise on LinkedIn, your ads are displayed in a news feed that includes industry news, expert advice, career training, tips, and peer insights and recommendations. Your industry regulation update blog boost fits right in with debates about workplace behavior and the next big industry conference. In this case, your LinkedIn ad will most likely be more effective than your Facebook campaign for effective B2B marketing.

2. Best platform for lead generation

Linkedin happens to be the best platform ever to generate leads. Every other social media platform has the same traditional ways of generating leads whereas Linkedin has numerous personalized ways to help you in Linkedin lead generation. Linkedin offers customized ways of the engine and identifying potential leads and then turning them into customers.

Linkedin enables you to identify analyze, participate, share, respond, and network. All these things, if done effectively, help in generating leads. Your sales can increase drastically through networking with potential prospects and with the help of B2B marketing.

Customers and prospects are more likely to express queries and wants, with 18 percent of postings being group-related, providing B2B marketers with an opportunity to uncover new leads. Another 18% are content sharing and enjoying, which provides insight into what people find fascinating.

You can demonstrate expertise by answering questions on LinkedIn. If your solution/answer, in the form of a query response, is what potential clients are looking for, they will contact you.

3. Social customer relationship management

LinkedIn enables us to learn about possible customers and other contacts. You may sync your Google contacts with LinkedIn. Social CRM systems enable you to analyze your contacts’ LinkedIn interests in real-time, providing vital new information on their behavior and preferences and hence effective B2B marketing. Aside from LinkedIn’s built-in CRM tool, you can also combine other Social CRM systems with LinkedIn.

4. LinkedIn for Content Restrictions

B2B sales cycles, B2B marketing, and purchasing processes are typically expensive. As a result, it is natural for the parties involved to obtain a great amount of information before concluding the sale. For such players, gated content is essential. It benefits both parties by delivering relevant information to the buyer at various phases of the buying cycle and by supplying new leads to the sellers, including email addresses.

5. Enhance social proximity

Linkedin has everything set for lucrative opportunities and offers because it brings sellers and buyers together strategically. The process of finding where your target audience is not a problem if you are using Linkedin for B2B marketing. You have the opportunity to grow your business and network by interacting with social influencers. According to stats and surveys, around 44 percent of buyers find potential prospects via shared connections on Linkedin.

Trust is essential in today’s ever-expanding internet market, where deals are initiated and finished digitally. Professionals are increasingly using LinkedIn to verify and request recommendations from other professionals for effectual B2B marketing. In fact, 73% of social buyers prefer to work with sales professionals who have been introduced to them by someone they know.

LinkedIn can elevate your social media marketing campaign to new heights. B2B marketing experts are in charge of generating leads, developing brand awareness and reputation, and delivering actual, measurable outcomes. Marketers may achieve great success in all of these areas by utilizing LinkedIn to its full B2B potential.

6. Enhancing one’s reputation

More than two professionals join LinkedIn every second. Businesses have the greater possibility and potential to increase contacts, do the most amazing B2B marketing and expand their own book of business with the continuation of the registration rate.

Companies and the people who represent them all boost their visibility and reputation — as brands and even individuals — by utilizing LinkedIn’s personal and community group capabilities. This social media platform’s primary goal is networking, but it also lets users engage and identify with others, thereby creating and improving relationships and reputations.

7. Leadership

There are various platform features that enable users to assume leadership or thought leadership in specialized domains. LinkedIn provides a fertile ground for thought leaders to present themselves, do B2B marketing, and establish themselves as trusted consultants.

By providing quality material, being active in network groups, and maintaining their personal profiles, these thought leaders’ authority within the sector evolves and develops into a much bigger perspective — influencer marketing.

LinkedIn is designed to meet all of your business needs, whether it is thought leadership or growing brand exposure. LinkedIn is the ideal venue for B2B marketers to share professional experience in their industry and do B2B marketing. LinkedIn users, in general, are professionals who utilize the network as a tool to gather industry information that might assist them to advance their own business interests.

They like to seek counsel from subject matter specialists who can analyze circumstances and provide vital insights. It allows company executives to become thought leaders in their community by producing unique and helpful material on your business page. Furthermore, LinkedIn is an amazing place to learn or find new information and ideas and do B2B marketing.

Bonus Tip

8. Exact Targeting

Much of the data used by LinkedIn for ad targeting comes straight from its members. This precise, actionable, real-time, first-person data, when applied correctly, will put your company in front of your most valued audiences.

Conclusion: That is it for this guide on why you shall choose Linkedin for B2B marketing. Linkedin is the ultimate place for B2B marketing and lead generation. Get started today!



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