How to Generate Leads by Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator 2022

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Do you know that over 830 million people from more than 200 countries connect on LinkedIn with one another? LinkedIn has revolutionized the way people do B2B marketing and business. We understand that social selling can be scary, but you can always use Sales Navigator for better lead generation on LinkedIn.

The majority of businesspeople use LinkedIn for social selling and business growth. However, you can increase your sales process by using the LinkedIn sales navigator. It has additional features and tools that help define your search process for lead generation.

Moreover, a sales navigator assists you in narrowing down your search for the right prospects, creating an efficient list of customers, and incredibly increasing the chances of conversions. Thus, you can easily track down the right leads from a sea of people and hence become the expert in social selling on LinkedIn.

So, if you have not heard about this amazing tool, we are here to guide you. Keep reading to know the amazing features of this tool that help you improve your LinkedIn lead generation.

What Is a Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator is a platform that has multiple social selling features that help you in finding the right leads. Moreover, it aids you in building a strong relationship with your prospects.

In addition, this is tools has found to be the best thing for salespeople. It not only does help you connect with the right people and accounts but also increases your sales by generating effective leads. Thus, a sales navigator is your best choice if you want to improve your revenues.

Moreover, it has features that help you reach the right prospects within no time through search and built-in filters. Also, it provides you with useful information that leads you to better understand your prospects and clients. In this way, you can engage with your customers on a more personal level.

Who is Sales Navigator For?

LinkedIn sales navigator is for everyone who is a B2B salesperson. So, if you are looking to grow your business rapidly, this is a remarkable tool for it. You can avail yourself of this sales tool and take your business to the nee levels of success.

However, it is not free, so you have to buy it for your efficient lead generation. But it is available for everyone who uses LinkedIn. You can buy any subscription, individual, team, or company depending upon your needs.

Let’s Get Started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

Before using a sales navigator, you should be an expert in usual LinkedIn lead generation. It means that you should know your target audience, the groups they are active in, the influencers they are following, and things like that.

The reason is that once you have knowledge about all of this, it is easier for you to find the right leads and convert them. So, what a LinkedIn sales navigator tool does is make your search for the right target audience easier.

Moreover, it does so by using the filters and features it has. So, what you have to do is try its different features and combine them until you find the most suitable one for your lead generation.

The first step to do is to set your sales preference. It helps the sales navigator tool understand what ki d of prospects you are looking for based on the industry, region, function, and more. After this, you will see that the tool has provided you with a bunch of leads that match your preference.

Now, select the edit button and click on it. Then choose to ‘edit your sale preferences’ and scroll down to the ‘sales preference’ section and fill it in according to your business needs and the audience you are looking for.

Now, you can easily track the leads you need depending upon the geography, seniority level, function, etc. Moreover, after you have done this, you can start securing leads like an expert and no one can beat you at this. So, having a command on LinkedIn sales navigator is a game-changer for your business.

9 Features of Sales Navigator for Effective Lead Generation:

There are so many features in the sales navigator tool, that you can use for securing the right leads. We have described some of the best and proven sales navigator features ahead to give you an idea of how useful it is for lead generation.

  1. Advanced Search
  2. LinkedIn InMails
  3. Job Change Alerts
  4. LinkedIn Groups
  5. View Similar Feature
  6. ‘Posted on LinkedIn’ Option
  7. Prospects Tagging
  8. Boolean Searches
  9. Save Time

1. Advanced Search:

If you talk about the features of a Sales navigator, this is the most famous one. This is the area where you find most of your prospects. Moreover, do you know there are over 20 filters that you can apply to your search process?

You can use keywords, company names, job descriptions, titles, and other similar filters to find the right leads. In addition, the following are some filters that you can use for your lead generation search:

  • Keywords: use a relevant keyword and the tool will find the prospects that match that keyword.
  • Title: includes what position you are in search for your company, whether a CEO or a hiring manager or both.
  • Geography: you can find location-specific prospects using this filter.
  • Company Size: if you have a startup, small business, or a big corporation. This filter helps you reach out to the targeted audience easily.

You can make your search as narrow as you want by combining filters or you can broaden it as much as you want. It all comes down to what your business requires.

2. LinkedIn InMails:

Have you seen that golden button on LinkedIn that says, “in”? it is the feature that the premium members get. This icon means that you have got yourself the opportunity to use the InMail feature of LinkedIn by subscribing to the LinkedIn sales navigator.

By using this feature, you can send emails or direct messages to your prospects. This is different than using the free version of LinkedIn as you cannot send as many InMails every day.

However, if you want to increase the efficiency of InMails, you must have enough knowledge about your clients. Also, do not forget to mention something unique about them that others did not mention in their InMails.

3. Job Change Alerts:

One of the best features of the sales navigator is that it notifies you when your prospect has switched a job. How is this beneficial for you? Well, you can use this opportunity to start a conversation with your leads.

How? Just send a simple message and congratulate them on their new job. It does not matter whether you know the prospect or not. You can follow the below-mentioned template:

“Hey, congratulations on your new position.

I’d love to continue the discussion about “ABC” that I was having with {the previous person’s name} with you now.

Let me know which time suits you best and we’ll talk then.”

4. LinkedIn Groups:

The groups on LinkedIn have a bad reputation. The reason is that the content is not of good quality. However, there are so many people you can connect with on LinkedIn groups. you just have to look for the relevant groups and begin the connecting process.

Also, this is a great way to build a bond with people and turn them into potential leads. However, on the regular LinkedIn version, you have to use specific keywords to find the groups. but it is different with LinkedIn sales navigator.

You can easily use its advanced filter “find people in groups” and the rest is up to the tool. It will narrow down the relevant audience and you can connect with them using InMails and email campaigns. Also, you can simply automate the whole procedure using automation tools.

5. View Similar Features:

When you use the sales navigator tool, you have an option that is “view similar.” So, what does this mean? Let us explain.

  • Go to the search bar on Sales Navigator
  • Search for your relevant industry
  • Select any lead from the results
  • Tap the three-dotted icon and choose “view similar”

You will have all the similar leads in your feed. How amazing is that right? And because the leads you have found are very similar to each other. So, you can share with them the same content and do not have to create new.

6. ‘Posted on LinkedIn’ Option:

This sales navigator feature is great because it halves your work of lead generation. With the help of this, you can find the content that your potential buyers have posted. All you have to do is use the sales navigator filter “posted content keywords.”

Let us suppose you want to find the people who can help you with business growth. You can use this filter and use the keyword “growth.” As a result, you will see the content of all the people who have posted about growth.

So, you can easily send messages or connect requests to these people and turn them into your regular clients. As a result, your sales and revenue improve.

7. Prospects Tagging:

If you want to save time, this feature is for you. Do you want to secure leads and convert them? You need to have a proper check on who is interested in buying, etc. In addition, you have to be very patient, take your time and identify their needs and demands.

However, you can save all the time by using the LinkedIn sales navigator, you can add tags for your prospects. One more thing you can do is leave small notes for specific prospects in your feed. As a result, you have a higher chance of generating effective leads via the sales navigator tool.

8. Boolean Searches:

You can turn your simple search into a Boolean search through a sales navigator by using words like AND, OR, and NOT. Following are the type of searches you can do:

  • Quoted Search: Use quotation marks around your query to make it more exact like, ‘sales manager.’
  • NOT Searches: Use this method when you want to exclude something from your search results. For example, ‘sales NOT manager.’
  • OR Searches: Us this search when you want to have one or more than one item in your result. For example, ‘marketing, OR sales, OR advertising.’
  • AND Searches: use this technique when you want to have all the items on your list. For example, ‘Accountant AND finance manager.’

9. Save Time:

LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to save your searches. It gets very exhausting to do all the searches every time for different campaigns. Thus, you can save your searches, come back later and resume your search from where you left off.

Thus, by now you must have a very clear idea about how a sales navigator tool helps you in achieving your business goals. You can increase your lead generation rate and ultimately your sales.

The Final Verdict:

To conclude we can say that LinkedIn sales navigator plays a very important role in your lead generation. You can not only save time by utilizing this but also improve your sales and revenue. Sales Navigator has proven to be one of the best tools on LinkedIn to enhance your brand image and get you potential leads.

Moreover, if you want to automate your campaigns apart from using a sales navigation tool, you can use LinkedCamp. It is a great tool when it comes to automating every manual task. Also, you can avail the free trial it offers and then decides for yourself.

In addition, you can hyper-personalize your messages and increase your response rate by 3x. thus, LinkedCamp offers you a greater chance of finding the right leads and converting them. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and see success knocking on your door yourself.



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